Why choose Casa Luz over other worthy organizations?

Well, the answer is simple. Casa Luz is changing the world one young mother at a time. While Casa Luz is a smaller non-profit organization, there is nothing small about the work that goes into changing the lives of these young women. It takes a lot of effort to bring a young girl back from a life of abuse and exploitation. These young women need everything you can possibily imagine, from love to education and guidance.
Casa Luz prides itself on managing its resources to get the maximum benefit and to ensure that these young women will have the opportunities previously denied.
Even the smallest contribution can make a huge difference. Casa Luz is very proud of all its accomplishments and is very thankful to those who have contributed to this cause. Casa Luz is committed to ensuring the best care for those who have been assigned under their guardianship. Donations are sure to be allocated to fit the most inminent needs of Casa Luz, adhering to the appropriate ethical and legal standards.
Casa Luz needs your help! By donating just a few dollars you can help build future generations.

playgroundThe donation made by Mr. and Mrs. Saxena is portrayed here in this picture of the playground, where many hours of entertainment are provided to the mother’s and their children. This playground has meant a lot to these children who have rarely had the opportunity to smile or enjoy a normal childhood.

Helping young families build their independence and live a bright future.

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Who We Help

Meet a few of the women who are finding support at Casa Luz: